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Jacmel, Haiti

Coterelle Breeze is ideally located for your fun outings and adventures. Here are the best attractions in Jacmel.


10 Fun Activities in Jacmel!

2. Raymond les Bains

This popular beach is a short 15-min ride away. It offers a friendly and fun atmosphere. Here you will find local cooks offering their freshly grilled seafood, served with perfectly fried plantains.

Raymond les Bains Beach in Jacmel, Haiti

1. Bassin Bleu

Visiting Bassin Bleu is simply a must! It is probably the most renowned site in the South of Haiti. The falls of Bassin Bleu are distributed between three natural pools where the water is refreshingly cool.  More...

Bassin Bleu in Jacmel, Haiti

3. Kabic Beach

This quiet beach is ideal for relaxation and fun for the whole family. It offers great sunbathing & swimming opportunities and is a short 6-minute ride from Coterelle Breeze.

Kabik Beach in Jacmel, Haiti

4. Ti Mouillage Beach

Quiet & laid back Ti Mouillage Beach is 6 minutes from Coterelle Breeze and offers plenty of parking.

Ti Mouillage Beach is 7 mins from Coterelle Breeze

7. Jacmel Arts & Crafts

Browse the many Arts & Crafts boutiques in Jacmel to pick-up unique gifts.

Arts and Crafts in Jamel, near Coterelle Breeze

8. French Colonial Architecture

Explore the historic district of Jacmel with its many 19th-century French colonial houses and mansions.

French Colonial Architecture, Jacmel

5. La Visite National Park

The park is great for hiking and mountain biking. Adventurers may trek through the park from Port au Prince to Marigot, near Jacmel.

Trek through Parc La Visite to Coterelle Breeze

6. Etang Bossier

This large natural pond provides a marvelous scenery. This is a great excursion for hikers who will be treated to a gorgeous view of the Bay of Jacmel.

Trek to Etang Bossier from Coterelle Breeze

9. Boulevard Pétion-Bolivar

This colorful boardwalk alongside the Jacmel coastline is ideal for strolling, jogging, or just hanging out. The dazzling mosaic paving and murals are cheerful bonuses.

Boulevard Pétion-Bolivar, Jamel, near Coterelle Breeze

10. Annual Carnival in Jacmel

A festival rich in culture, music, food, and which should not be missed.

Annual Jacmel Carnival, near Coterelle Breeze

Get to Know Jacmel

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